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Four days Energy Tour in Denmark, 27-30 сентября 2012 года 

Denmark is a world leader in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and the development of new technologies in the field. EnergyTours invites you to experience this revolution first hand. We will create a program that is tailored to your current needs and challenges in the industry, helping you solve your problems of the future. Furthermore, we will organize meetings with the decision makers and leaders in the different technologies of your defined areas of interest.

DAY 1  27Сентября, ср.  


Сбор группы в Шереметьево–2.

Arrival in Copenhagen 

At 12:10, flight SU215

Transportation to hotel



Pick-up at hotel





Avedøre Power Station.  

Ветрянаяэнергия, природныйгаз, уголь, брикеты, пеллеты, солома. Общая производительность силовых установок 810 МВт электроэнергии и 900 МВт тепловой энергии.

Sustainable energy production and distribution in practice — Visit to Avedøre Power Station including Avedøre Wind Turbines.
Avedøre Power Station is situated at Avedøre Holme south of Copenhagen and consists of two power station units, Avedøre Power Station’s Unit 1 from 1990 and Unit 2 from 2001.
The overall production capacity of the two Avedøre Power Station units is 810 Megawatts of electricity and 900 Megawatts of heat. In 2006 the power station generated a net quantity of 4,398 GWh of electricity and a net quantity of 12,172 TJ of district heating. The Avedøre Power Station has approximately 130 employees.
Avedøre Power Station’s Unit 1 primarily uses coal, while Avedøre Power Station’s Unit 2 can use a wide variety of fuels: natural gas, oil, straw and wood pellets.

Location: Copenhagen


Avedøre Power Station’s Unit 2 has facilities consisting of several parts that, when combined, can make record-high use of the energy in the fuels. By simultaneously generating heat and electricity, Avedøre Power Station’s Unit 2 utilises as much as 94 % of the energy in the fuels and has an electrical efficiency of 49%. An achievement that makes the unit one of the most efficient in the world.


Transportation back to hotel 



Dinner suggestion (at own expense)
Ad Libitum

DAY 2  28Сентября, чт.  

Pick-up at hotel


08:30 – 10:30


Районноеотоплениеикондиционирование посещениегородскогорайона, проект           “Kongens Nytorv”.

Visit to Kgs. Nytorv a district heated area in inner Copenhagen that is currently also being upgraded for district cooling. For cooling purposes, the system uses existing cooling water from electricity production or low-temperature water from the sea or ground water, which has obvious advantages over traditional electricity-driven air conditioning systems. 

Location: Copenhagen



Мини группы:  

Group 1 — Энергетически эффективные решения  

Group 2 — Брикеты и котельные на отходах,  

Group 3 — Биогаз, мульти энергостанции




Group 1



Посещение знаменитогоGreenLightHouse. 

Посещение действующего энергосберегающего дома Rockwool. 

Посещениеэнергосберегающегоофисногоздания Rockwool. 

Visit a Danish family in their lowenergy home Buildings account for some 40% of the energy consumption in modern society. By using available climate-friendly technologies the waste of energy for heating can be reduced, often by 80%.
The municipality of Stenløse took a visionary, unanimous decision, and today all new buildings must be 50% more efficient than the already strict Danish minimum requirements. The area hosts all kinds of buildings from expensive villas to social housing. All with one thing in common: a low energy bill.
On the tour you will meet a Danish family and see how it is to live in an energy & CO2 efficient home and hear how politicians can make low-carbon buildings materialize.


Group 2  



Поездка в компанию C.F. Nielsen, производство топливных брикетов из отходов деревообработки и с/х.  

Посещение действующей котельной LINKA на брикетах и отходах, 3 МВт.

Посещение компании DallEnergyмногофункциональные энергетической станции, работающие на различных видах биомассы.


Group 3


Поездка на HashøjBiogas. Станция по производству БИОГАЗА из отходов с/х.

Посещение мини комбинированной тепло — электростанции Hashøj, работающей на БИО газе и пеллетах.

Hashøj Biogas plant. We offer you an exclusive chance to see how the future in utilisation of waste products forms agriculture. The tour will give you a insight into why Danish farmers are the largest energy producers in Denmark. When the tour is finished you will have a clear impression of why the agriculture and food sector always should be considered a major player in the renewable energy sector.

Hashøj biogas plant was built in 1994 and the plant is today one of the largest and best working in Denmark. The plant produces 25,000 cubic metres of gas per day. The input comes from 220 cubic metres of slurry from the 21 farmers in the cooperative as well as from the industry and large kitchens all over Sealand.




DAY 3 29 сентября, пт.  





Бизнес-конференция Россия-Дания в Конфедерации DanishIndustry

Конфедерация датский промышленников, объединяющая более, чем 16 000 ведущих датских промышленных, торговых и других компаний. Всоставе DI – ДатскаяФедерацияПромышленнойЭнергетики.

Meeting with The Confederation of Danish Industries. DI is Denmark’s leading private sector business organization covering manufacturing, trade and services, and includes the Danish Energy Industry Federation.


Поездка в Швецию, посещение архитектурного объекта — частного дома, который производит больше энергии, чем потребляет.

Прогулка по шведскому городу Мальмо, шоппинг.


Dinner suggestion (at own expense)
Axelborg Bodega

DAY 4 30 Сентября



ERBA meeting at hotel  



Departure for airport at 13:00, flight SU216

Прибытие в Шереметьево-2.


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